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Naturopathy & NAET

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You can feel unwell long before recognisable disease develops. Symptoms may be chronic or intermittent – perhaps you experience discomfort rather than acute pain – you energy may be at a low ebb leaving you feeling ‘under par’ – you can end up feeling no-one else understands or experiences these symptoms.

You may well have had a medical diagnosis, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or migraine, and may by now have exhausted conventional treatments without regaining energy, vitality, freedom from pain and feeling well.

You are unique

Everyone is different and with Naturopathy there is wide-ranging choice of how to treat problems successfully that can be tailor-made to the individual. Each individual is has their own singular set of circumstances (social and medical history, family and work, lifestyle, personality, body type and susceptibilities) and their own optimum pace of change. Treatment is geared towards addressing these important issues. You will not be rushed – your own motivation and style will guide speed of progress. On the other hand, you can opt for radical change and more demanding pace of treatment if that suits you better.

What is Naturopathy?

The healing power of nature

There are four basic principles:

* treat the person not the illness
* treat the disease as well as the symptoms
* do no harm
* use the healing power of nature

Functional Medicine

Conventional medical testing usually only produces a result when the disease (pathology) is at quite an advanced stage. However, symptoms can occur when disease is brewing in the body, before pathology is present. You can feel them but they are not measurable on conventional tests.

Using techniques from Ayurveda and Chinese medicine and from kinesiology, it is simple to identify susceptibilities and weaknesses that are already affecting the individual’s health. Naturopathy involves investigating and balancing the efficiency of the body’s functioning, physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. The risk of sub-clinical disease developing into pathology can be significantly reduced when identified and treated naturopathically.

The style of treatment is gentle and non-invasive.

Knowledge is power

You will gain more understanding and control of your health and well-being as you progress with naturopathy. You will learn what your own patterns and triggers of ill-health mean and how to deal with them. You are ultimately the healer of your own body when informing and being guided by the Naturopath.

Your symptoms can become a thing of the past.

NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)

We all know that food or environmental factors or bees can cause anaphylaxis are therefore life-threatening for some people. And we know that some people cannot tolerate milk, wheat, orange juice, or tomatoes causing skin, digestive or respiratory problems. These types of conditions can all be treated with NAET:

* Aches & pains including arthritis, backache, can’t sleep flat, cramp, facial / neck / heel / joint pain, ligament / tendon pain e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, menses-related pain / toothache
* Addictions & cravings
* Bad breath / dry mouth / sore throats / tooth decay
* Behavioural problems such as hyperactivity
* Bladder infections, incontinence, kidney disorders
* Blood disorders including blood sugar imbalance, gout, haemophilia
* Chronic fatigue
* Circulatory problems like cold hands & feet, frozen joints, hypertension, varicose veins, Raynaud’s syndrome
* Convulsions / fits
* Dry / irritated eyes
* Earache / tinnitus
* Energy loss or weak limbs, muscles, tendons
* Excess sweating
* Fainting fits
* Feeling cold
* Feeling of heaviness in the chest / feet / head
* Genital itching
* Headaches
* High cholesterol and heart problems
* Hormonal issues like adrenal / thyroid problems, emotional imbalances, mood swings
* Infections & lowered immunity e.g. frequent colds / flu
* Infertility, menopausal issues, ovarian cysts, fibroids
* Liver disorders such as irritability, toxicity
* Low libido / loss of interest in daily activities
* Lupus
* Mental health issues: Alzheimer’s / memory problems, anorexia, brain-fatigue / fog, circular thinking, panic attacks, paranoia
* Odd feelings such as choking sensation or blocked throat
* Oedema / water retention / swollen ankles, breasts, feet, knees
* Skin / hair problems – acne, dermatitis, itching, rashes, boils, herpes, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, liver spots, loose skin, moles, tumours, premature grey, tags, warts, chapped lips
* Sleep problems
* Tremors from whatever cause e.g. Parkinson’s disease
* Tingling sensations, butterflies in the stomach
* Vomiting spells
* Weight problems: obesity / inability to gain weight
* And your symptoms!

Using NAET, you no longer have to avoid certain foods from your diet on a long-term basis in order to stay well. Avoidance periods are one day after treatment. A range of items that contain the allergen is avoided at each treatment which needs planning but by comparison with long term avoidance, most people find this an acceptable inconvenience.

Testing for ‘allergens’ is non-invasive, using kinesiological (muscle response testing) techniques. The treatment is given on the client’s back in a form commonly used in Chinese medicine and kinesiology. When the client is too active or too young or too allergic to be treated themselves, a surrogate is used. The treatment is as effective this way so anyone who wishes can use a surrogate.

Treatment Sessions

The first appointment will last for 90 minutes, followed at intervals usually of one month/six weeks by shorter sessions of 45 minutes or so.

Supplements, Herbal remedies, Bach/Bush flower essences

If, on testing, we find that any of these are needed, the costs are extra to the consultation. They will be provided for you in the consultation, or we can arrange to have these mailed to a convenient address so there is no guess-work or leg-work involved!


Sometimes further treatments in other disciplines may be suggested. If you are interested in discussing other therapies yourself, Anne is always happy to advise you during your consultation or via e-mail – contact her on or 07967 767594.

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