Life Coaching at the Wren

Creating Meaning in your work and living a meaningful life

Most of us at some time face change in our lives which makes us question what we’re doing or why.

Most of us want to be the best we can be.

LifeWork coaching helps people in times of uncertainty to manage change and adapt to new circumstances.

Personal and professional growth occurs most readily when people are open to focusing on their inner motivations and inhibitors; how they treat both themselves and others; and the set of values and assumptions that they live and work by.

life coach coarses

LifeWork offers you the chance to step back and define how you want to make a difference, understand what really matters to you, and how you want to move forwards.

Our Life Coach In London provides a positive, supportive and confidential context for this to happen.

The Programme

Ten one-to-one sessions that focus on and evolve particular themes:

* The course of your life so far
* Understanding current challenges
* Career or mid-life transitions
* Values, attitudes and integrity
* Courage & the blocks to change
* Emotional literacy & relationships
* Communicating effectively
* Turning intention into action

The sessions are designed to help you regain motivation and purpose, to clarify any underlying obstacles to change, and to better understand the dynamics of relationships with yourself and others.

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