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Nutrition and you

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What does the word ‘nutrition’ mean to you?

Diet? Self-deprivation? Calorie-counting? Yo-Yo weight
Maybe you’re thinking about dieting.

The word nutrition is about none of these things. Neither is it about chewing a chip butty, eating a pizza in front of the PC or a hamburger on the hoof.

The body functions best when provided with suitably nourishing foods, which are absorbed and used physiologically and biochemically by the body systems. If proper nutrition is absent, certain health problems may arise. For example:

Arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, candida, cystitis, depression, eczema, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, PMT, problems with weight, digestion, menopause, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances.



Sound nutritional advice may help all of these.


What does it involve?

The initial nutrition consultation takes one and a half hours. Before it, you will have completed a questionnaire about your medical history, current symptoms and dietary habits. This is assessed in advance and forms the basis for detailed discussion during the session.
In light of the dialogue, you gain an understanding of how your body functions. The advice given is geared to your individual food intolerances (if you have any), likes dislikes and lifestyle.

Natural supplements may also be prescribed to rebalance the body and encourage it to work more efficiently.

In some cases simple tests for Candida, food intolerances, female hormone levels and adrenal stress may be recommended.


These last 45 minutes and are usually arranged at four to six-weekly intervals, from between one, to a maximum of four, consultations in most cases are to review you and evaluate your nutrition programme to ensure you are receiving the benifits.


The essential ingredient of the treatment will always be a supportive approach as our style is friendly and relaxed, always flexible and never rigid or dogmatic.

Changing the habits of a lifetime is always a challenge. We understand this and encourages a light-hearted approach to the more serious underlying issues.

Clients are relieved to discover that they are listened to and that sometimes it is all right to indulge and occasionally ‘break the rules.’
You, the client, in your situation and lifestyle, are of paramount importance.


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Body Fitness: Putting It First Into Your Lives

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Body Health and fitness: Putting It Initial Into Your Lives

The body is taken into consideration fit if its mental and also physical health excellent, it purely complies with appropriate habits, diet plans, as well as workouts, and also could take care of and take care of day-to-day stresses.

You ought to nurture your body with correct nutrition to function well as well as stay healthy and balanced. Essential minerals, vitamins, and foods need to be provided to attain total health and fitness. Keep in mind that good spiritual, psychological, and also physical health and wellness is the genuine meaning of health and fitness.

Body physical fitness occurs if all the procedures of the body connected with mental as well as physical state are functioning at its top degrees. Nevertheless, this is not only an one day job. It does not always mean going to a gym or simply taking a walk in a park.

There are a number of factors that have to be considered when talking about body fitness. Daily needs as well as body conditioning are required.

Workouts definitely aid the body to become strong. All components of your body have to work as a whole. As a result, the lack of one variable can fail your entire fitness demands. Take for instance; you only focus on preserving your weight and conference cardio needs. You neglected that your body is not just composed of your heart. All your various other body organs should also be functioning well. Body health and fitness is not only attaining a gorgeous number however renewing exactly what was depleted from the body due to everyday tasks. Physical exercises should profit your entire body.

Available resources have to be utilized sensibly. Informing one’s self regarding physical needs for keeping an in shape body is also vital. If you have a harmful body, you have to dig deeply for its reasons. In fact, becoming fit again is hard as you will observe that exactly what makes your body unfit is a number of years of body abuse from bad routines, inadequate nourishment, and also lack of workouts.

You ought to likewise understand the difference in between wellness as well as physical fitness given that some have false impression about it. Being well as well as being fit is entirely different and have special problems, however both are necessary in keeping vitality as well as health. A health and fitness counselor or qualified physical fitness instructor at a health and fitness club or regional fitness center can evaluate your health and fitness levels, while health is determined by optimum functioning of your body immune systems.

The body keeps its balance if both fitness and also wellness remain in its maximum levels. Usually, nutritional consumption affects the capability of the mind, body, and remaining well. If this is combined with healthy consuming, clean living, and regular workout, then it will lead to complete health as well as health and fitness.

Giving appropriate focus on the physical requirements of every body components could additionally lead to total body fitness. Never fail to remember that these parts are working in alliance with one another. In order for the limbs to function at its height degrees, two hands, 2 eyes, two feet, and also other parts are important.

Your physique works nicer as compared to any type of invented device. It’s a lot more effective and intricate, thus it can take even more abuse yet constantly operate without satisfying its daily demands for a couple of days. Yet if you put initial body health and fitness in your life, after that your body could do its work enormously well.

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Nutrition Tips To Make You Feel Healthier (2)

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Nourishment Tips To Make You Feeling Healthier

abhijna school of yoga ashtanga and yoga therapy teacher training march 2016 (1577) (Copy)
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If you’re like most people, you could think that nourishment is a challenging everything to do right, or that a healthy diet plan is pricey and tasteless. On the contrary, not only is consuming right essential for your health, but it could likewise be scrumptious and cost-effective. Continue reading to find out just how!

A golden rule is to attempt not to eat anything that has greater than four grams of sugar each offering. This will conserve a bunch of calories and also it is particularly handy for you to follow this rule if you are unfavorable adequate to be stricken with diabetes.

In order to ensure your child’s dietary requirements are met, regard the appetite they have or do not have. If your youngster isn’t hungry, forcing food on them will only teach them to neglect their organic appetite signals. Offer them small parts of great foods, as well as they will most likely eat enough on their own to meet their requirements.

Aim to substitute healthy and balanced alternatives for fatty or sugary foods you appreciate. For example, as opposed to a bowl of gelato, you could have some yogurt with fruit. Rather than french fries, try half of a baked potato. You do not have to remove all the great tasting food in your life, simply make much healthier options concerning what the yummy things you do eat.

Eat more tinned baked beans. Baked beans are an inexpensive food resource and they are loaded with nutritional benefits. They teem with protein, iron, fiber, calcium and vitamins. There is likewise some scientific proof that the antioxidant, lycopene, is discovered in the accompanying tomato sauce that could avoid heart problem as well as prostate cancer cells.

On the days that you are visiting permit on your own a treat, you must fill a little on healthy foods prior to you begin to eat the various other foods. This is a good idea because your body will certainly be complete from the other food and also you will eat much less of foods that are not so good for you.

Increase your maternity nutrition with a handful of nutritionally dense and delicious almonds. Besides being an excellent resource of fiber, almonds add potassium, calcium as well as iron to your day-to-day intake. They make a wonderful snack without including vacant calories to your diet as well as they assist please your appetite in between dishes.

Leading a healthy and balanced way of life depends partially on excercise, however a lot more on nutrition. Over-processing of our food eliminates a lot of the beneficial nutrients from it. It is constantly well to eat fresh veggies as well as fruits. Before consuming them though, see to it they are cleaned completely. but do not overcook them, as this will certainly additionally diminish the vitamins and mineral content. Additionally, whole grain breads and also cereals are also a vital part of good nourishment.

As you can see, consuming right does not indicate eating raw vegetables as well as tofu on a daily basis! With some straightforward changes to your shopping list, you could have a tasty as well as healthy meal for less money compared to you might be paying currently! Apply these pointers today to improve your wellness as well as life!

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Delicious And Nutritious: Tips For A Healthy Outlook

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Delicious And Nutritious: Tips For A Healthy Overview

Nutrition makes such an impact in our lives. It affects our wellness, exactly how we really feel as well as act or even, just how we age. Having good nutrition does not need to be tough. Adhere to the pointers and also suggestions in this post to begin including more healthy consuming behaviors into your life.

Sometimes, fatigue is not brought on by absence of rest alone but rather inadequate nutrition too. You ought to attempt boosting the iron in your diet for optimum nourishment as well as lowered exhaustion. You can take supplements or boost your intake of iron-rich foods, generally meats as well as fish, to maintain your body at its healthiest.

A wonderful suggestion for healthier living is making sure you visit your physician for an appointment on a yearly basis. All of us dislike visiting the physician, but this is vital making certain you stay in the best wellness as you possibly can. If there is something wrong, you will rejoice you went.

Leading a healthy way of life depends partly on excercise, but a lot more on nutrition. Over-processing of our food eliminates the majority of the useful nutrients from it. It is constantly well to consume fresh veggies and fruits. Before consuming them though, make certain they are cleaned extensively. but do not overcook them, as this will certainly additionally diminish the nutrient content. In addition, entire grain breads and cereals are also a fundamental part of great nourishment.

It is essential to consume both lean protein as well as complicated carbs at every dish. The carbohydrates help to fuel the body so that you do not feel worn out and also tired a few hrs later. The healthy protein will certainly help your body to build as well as keep muscle. Consuming way too many carbohydrates could make you feel hefty and tired so it is important to eat them in moderation.

In your life pursuit to be as healthy as feasible, you should initial take a severe check out your nutrition options. Naturally you understand just what foods you must eat as well as just what foods you must not eat, but you have to recognize the nutrients that your body demands.

Make sure that you consume appropriate amounts of B vitamins everyday. A diet plan low in vitamin B2, vitamin B6, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, and also vitamin B12 could trigger dull, completely dry, scaly, scratchy skin. Likewise, vitamin B2 as well as vitamin B6 play an important part in maintaining sebaceous gland feature. When the sweat glands are healthy and balanced, they create just adequate oil to maintain your skin smooth and also soft.

An excellent nourishment idea is to eat darker tinted vegetables. Darker colored veggies have the tendency to offer the very best nutrition. A fine example of a darker veggie would be something like broccoli or spinach. Stay clear of lighter tinted veggies such as celery as well as iceberg lettuce due to the fact that they provide hardly any in regards to nutrition.

As you can see from this post, it does not have to be difficult or seem like rocket science, in order for you to eat a healthier diet regimen. It is everything about the selections that you make and also the food that you take into your body. Adhere to the concepts that you have actually discovered below as well as you are well on your method to being much, much healthier.

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Life Coaching at the Wren

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Creating Meaning in your work and living a meaningful life

Most of us at some time face change in our lives which makes us question what we’re doing or why.

Most of us want to be the best we can be.

LifeWork coaching helps people in times of uncertainty to manage change and adapt to new circumstances.

Personal and professional growth occurs most readily when people are open to focusing on their inner motivations and inhibitors; how they treat both themselves and others; and the set of values and assumptions that they live and work by.

life coach coarses

LifeWork offers you the chance to step back and define how you want to make a difference, understand what really matters to you, and how you want to move forwards.

Our Life Coach In London provides a positive, supportive and confidential context for this to happen.

The Programme

Ten one-to-one sessions that focus on and evolve particular themes:

* The course of your life so far
* Understanding current challenges
* Career or mid-life transitions
* Values, attitudes and integrity
* Courage & the blocks to change
* Emotional literacy & relationships
* Communicating effectively
* Turning intention into action

The sessions are designed to help you regain motivation and purpose, to clarify any underlying obstacles to change, and to better understand the dynamics of relationships with yourself and others.

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Alternative Mental Health Care Solutions

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Alternative Mental Health Care Solutions

A client of mental condition would usually get his therapies via medicine as well as companies of a mental wellness organization or facilities. However, proponents of Complementary and Holistic medicine think that there are less extensive, a lot more all natural methods that can be provided to these individuals in combination to their medical therapies. While they do not have accepted restorative claim and also there are no definitive proofs that these alternatives really function they have been practiced for years and also have yielded significant positive cause their very own areas. Right here are the suggested option remedies to psychological health care:


Daily stress factors contribute to the advancement of a number of psychological wellness problems. Actually, anxiety itself is considered as a hazard to mental health and wellness. It disrupts sleep, assuming and also remainder and also it generally impacts the means we work day-to-day. Thus it is recommended to embrace several approaches that will certainly aid reduce and also handle the adverse stress factors we are subjected to day-to-day.

Psychophysiological feedback– This method is usually utilized in dealing with mental health and wellness problems such as phobias, panic as well as stress and anxiety. This functions by controlling the involuntary muscular tissue operating such as skin temperature and also heart price as well as by controlling muscular tissue tension.

Massage treatment– This approach breakthroughs the belief the touching, massaging, and also brushing the skin as well as muscle mass groups could possibly alleviate pencil up emotions and inner stress. Individuals experiencing severe instances of tension and also post-traumatic problems are typically encouraged to take get massage therapy consistently.

Visualization– Another technique to decrease tension and also tension is to redirect the understanding and also the specific methods on visualization. This works by participating in a deep state of leisure where the individual could develop relaxing as well as “pleasant” photos that will contribute to his wellness as well as decrease the occurrence of unnecessary thoughts that are harmful to one’s mental health and wellness.

Standard different approaches

Ayurdeva– Imported from Indian Standard Medication, Ayurdeva is an alternative strategy to caring your mental health and wellness. This seeks equilibrium on the body powers rather than on the signs that impact the body. This system of traditional treatments includes yoga, a widely practiced alternative option in the Western globe these days. Yoga exercise uses positions, exercises, stretches and also reflection to attain the equilibrium of body powers.

Indigenous American approaches– Cleaning routines and chants become part of the Indian Wellness Solutions Programs that are focused on treating people suffering from anxiety, stress-related conditions as well as stress and anxiety problems.

Traditional chinese medicine– Used in dealing with lots of other ailments in the body, acupuncture is a conventional Chinese medical strategy that could additionally be made use of as therapy to mental disorders. This utilizes needles with various sizes that are placed to different pressure points in the body to be able to control its circulation of power.

Diet and Nutrition

According to research studies, diet regimen and nutrition affects the fashion through which our brains work. If it is denied with specific nutrients, the brain could cannot function the means it ought to be.

Vitamin and nutrient intake– According to some research studies, there are specific vitamins that our mind requires in order to generate other chemicals that are important in preserving our moods. Additionally, some vitamins are very important in avoiding the advancement of neurological as well as degenerative problems such as Alzheimer’s condition. Hence, appropriate consumption of these vitamins and minerals plus supplementation of necessary nutrients are extremely suggested to preserve mental wellness.

Mental health care does not just have to consist of medical treatments, support of other approaches is additionally had to make the most of the opportunity of patient recuperation.

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Our best year yet… and there’s more to come!

We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all of our clients… the last 12 months have seen a huge increase in activity at the Wren.  It has been our best year ever and what a great high to be entering our 20th Anniversary on.  This time last year the City was in the doldrums, with many people very uncertain about their futures.  Although the uncertainty is far from over, there’s a gentle air of renewed confidence returning and we welcome this.  Under pressure to deliver ever tougher targets, despite lots of confusing messages and depressing news almost every day, it is hardly surprising that many people turned to the Wren – an oasis of calm in the centre of a stormy City – to find relief of many kinds from their anxieties.


Partly as a result of this, partly in preparation for the 20th Anniversary, and probably for lots of other reasons too, we are embarking on a few substantial changes at the Clinic – BUT PLEASE DON’T PANIC!  To the outside world, business should continue unaffected.  The main change is that we are transferring most of our activities to their rightful place within our parent charity, The All Hallows House Foundation.  To most people the only difference will be a change of name on their cheques.


Watch out for more news though, as we expect to be launching some innovations in the near future which we hope will be of great benefit to many of you.


If you have ANY questions, do ask your therapist, the Reception staff, or ask to be put in touch with one of the management team or Trustees.

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Most practitioners will be taking their leave from the 18th December.  A few will still be available at the Wren.  From the 18th December please call them on their respective numbers below should you wish to book an appointment or need to change the appointment you have already made with them.

Bev Breeze – Shiatzu and Massage – available on December 21st, 23rd and 24th until 2pm – contact 07967 005794

Andrew Hunter – Mc Timoney Chiropractor – available December 22nd – contact 078559 16602

Elizabeth Daly – 07814 629117

The main Wren Clinic reception will be closed from the 18th December 2009 and will re-open on the 4th January when we will have a full complement of practitioners to meet your needs.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and New year.


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